Mortgage Loan Modification Programs - Will You Qualify

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Many struggling homeowners could qualify for a loan modification and not even be aware of it. The reason is because even though a loan modification will, in the long run, help both borrowers and banks, banks still lose money on their original loans. Not surprisingly, lenders will do all they can [...]

Can a Mortgage Refinance Help Prevent Foreclosure?

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Since last year, lots of homes have been foreclosed on and the rate of foreclosure continues to skyrocket and it did not help that more people are losing their jobs. With job losses, people struggle to come up with their regular mortgage payments. When they have no choice but todefault on [...]

Stop a Foreclosure

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In 2008, over 3.1 million unsuspecting home owners received a foreclosure notice. Many did not take the simple actions needed to stop a foreclosure and lost it all. It’s expected that another 3 million notices of default will go out this year in 2009.
Have you received a notice of default due [...]

Studying Reasons for an Upside Down Mortgage

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With the current real estate market, it is not surprising that the foreclosure rate is up almost as high as 50% in some cities. There are many families who are dealing with the upside down mortgage problem. The problem really began a few years ago when the housing markets were booming [...]

How To Get A Refi With Bad Credit Scores

Bad Credit Mortgage Refinance Loan
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You may be wondering how to go about getting a bad credit mortgage refinance loan.
Even though you may have been paying your current mortgage on time, your current bank may consider you un-financeable due to your credit score.You may possibly be having a hard time paying your [...]

Low Mortgage Interest Rate Tricks

How To Get The Best Mortgage Refinance Rate.
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If you are one of thousands of people who are looking to take advantage of the super low refinance rates right now you may be wondering how to make the best deal.Getting the best deal on a mortgage is no different than getting a [...]

Avoid Foreclosure by Getting Loan Modifications

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Having a hard time paying your mortgage? Didn’t think it’d be so hard trying to keep up on payments? The U.S. economy is struggling and you’re not the only person having a hard time by any means. The number of foreclosures has dramatically increased throughout the years and it seems to [...]

What is Reverse Mortgage and is it a Good Choice

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Over the years, we have seen the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development create a variety of mortgages to meet the many demands of homebuyers. However, one question that is being asked more and more is what is reverse mortgage and is it a good choice.
In answer to “what is [...]

Spanish Mortgages - The Current Situation

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Banks in Spain are profiteering at the moment. The Euribor rate which is the rate which most mortgages are tied to is at a historic low, 1.9% this week, as interest rates in general have plummeted. The policy of the banks is difficult to understand for those having to work with [...]