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´╗┐Deed of Trust for California Residents


The laws vary from state to state on the terms of a deed of trust. California residents must follow the rules that are governed by their individual state. A deed of trust is used most frequently for the purchase of a home or real estate. There are three people involved in a deed of trust. They involve the borrower, the lender and a trustee. The borrower is the person borrowing the money to make the purchase while the lender is the one giving the money or that owns the property and is selling it. The trustee is the person that is holding the deed to the property until the loan is fully paid. The trustee may be a title company or the property owner. Many times the property owner (lender) will hold the deed until the borrower has paid off the loan.

Although it is very common for the seller to hold the deed as trustee, often problems arise in the future. The seller may realize that he know longer wants to be in the position of being a debt collector dealing with late charges, etc. They may also need the money to make an investment or buy other property. When this situation arises, they often look for a deed of trust buyer to purchase the loan so they can free up the money for a purchase. A deed of trust in California must be used for the correct purpose.

There are many different kinds of deed of trust California forms available. Some of the different types may be a deed of trust for an individual mortgage holder, a deed of trust for original mortgagors, a satisfaction of deed of trust by an individual or by a corporation. Always make sure the correct deed of trust California form is used for your transaction to ensure it's the correct form. These forms are legal binding agreements so they must be the correct form so there are not problems in the future.

Another type of deed of trust California form that cannot be overlooked is the satisfaction or cancellation of deed of trust. When the mortgage or loan is fully paid, it's not enough to just mark it "paid" and tell the buyer their debt is done. A form called a Satisfaction of Deed of Trust must be signed by the seller or deed of trust holder. This form must be in compliance with all California state laws as well as being notarized. To be notarized, the document must be signed in the presence of a notary public to be legal. The form lists the property description, the name of the owner, the date and the fact that the mortgage is paid off and the real estate no longer has a lien against it.

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