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There are many states in the United States that sound appealing when we think of where we'd like to live. One of the most popular states is California. Whether it's the warm beautiful weather they have there year round or the great family attractions such as Disney Land or Knott's Berry Farm or just the fact that it's a beautiful state, many people would love to move there. Many people actually are lucky enough to fulfill their dream of moving and living in California.

Land and real estate is very expensive in California in comparison to many other states. Therefore, most people moving to California will be taking out a mortgage to purchase their new California home. If you're planning to buy a home in California, you'll need to get in contact with a California mortgage lender. A California mortgage lender will help you purchase your new home and get you through any rough spots you may encounter in the process. Although, in most cases, buying a home and getting a home mortgage is a fairly easy process, complications do arise. When you're moving to an entirely different state, the chances of problems arising increases. With the help a California mortgage lender can provide, the mortgage process can go as smoothly as possible.

Some people choose to continue to do business with their local lender in their home town even if they are moving across the country. While this is very feasible and possible, your local lender will at some point be in contact with a California mortgage lender to become informed of any differences in the lending and compliance laws, as they vary from state to state. You'd hate to buy your new home in California only to find out you couldn't move in when planned because of some city or county ordinances that were overlooked.

When you apply for your mortgage for your California home, your California mortgage lender (or your local lender) will order an appraisal on the property you wish to buy. Although many don't understand why this is a necessity, it's because conditions of many home can change for different reasons and the lenders need to be assured the home is valued at more than you are borrowing to protect themselves.

There are many great mortgage companies and lending institutions online that are more than willing to help you with your transaction. They'll all set you up with a highly-qualified California mortgage lender that will help you with your mortgage. Many of the details can be handled on online on their websites, by email or telephone. This will avoid a lot of unnecessary traveling on your part. California Home Mortgage, Quicken Loans, Ameriquest Mortgage and Countrywide are a few of the reputable companies waiting to assist you.