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How do Bridge Mortgage Loans Work?


Imagine this scenario: As you are driving through another state, you suddenly pass by the dream home that you have always wanted. Problem is that you already have settled in another home. But since you really desire to live in that particular property, you consider relocating. Yet how can you do so when you still have an existing mortgage on your old home? It is possible with bridge mortgage loans.

Bridge mortgage loans are also known as swing loans. They serve as transition loans to pay off the new property with the old property’s impending sale. Sometimes, when you are in a hurry to transfer and your old property does not sell in time, a bridge mortgage loan will help bridge that gap.

Bridge mortgage loans pay off old mortgages, and the rest of the money they provide goes to the down payment of new homes. When the old property is sold, you can pay off the loan and continue paying traditional mortgage for the new home. There is another option for this type of loan, wherein the mortgage of the new property is placed together with the mortgage of the old property, and this amount is what you have to pay during the term.

As with other types of loans, bridge mortgage loans have certain advantages and disadvantages. One main disadvantage is that this type of loan is short-term and it has high interest rates. You will face high monthly payments, especially if your property does not sell in time. A major advantage of bridge mortgage loans is that people with less than perfect credit rating can qualify for them since they have higher interest rates. Because of their high interest rates, you should think carefully before you apply for a bridge mortgage loan. If there are other options available that minimizes the risk, then check those options first before you decide to get a bridge loan.

Once you have decided to avail of bridge mortgage loans, you have to look around for companies that offer this type of loans. These companies include banks, credit unions, and mortgage companies. Having poor credit rating should not hinder you from qualifying for this loan since it is approved based on your real estate profile.

If you play your cards right, a bridge loan can be extremely helpful as you transfer from your old home to your new one. But as much as possible, do consider other options that are available to help you pay off your old mortgage, but if you are sure that you will be able to pay off your bridge loan, then by all means get one and start living in your dream home as soon as possible.

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