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´╗┐Basic Information on Home Mortgage Loans


What are home mortgage loans and how do people avail of them for their specific needs? There are actually a lot of different kinds of home mortgage loans that people can avail of. These loans are taken out for many different reasons, some of which may not even have anything to do with purchasing a home. Different kinds of loans also have different kinds of payment schemes that borrowers can take advantage of to suit their own situations. Here are some of the more popular loans that can be considered home mortgage loans.

Purchase Home Mortgage

The name itself is self explanatory. A purchase home mortgage is taken out to help a person purchase a home. This kind of loan comes in a few types, and each type dictates how much a person has to shell out every month as payment for the loan. It can be taken out at a fixed rate or adjustable rate, or with other repayment terms that are preferred by the borrowers. A purchase home mortgage is ideal for those who wish to opt for a loan repayment scheme to buy a home instead of paying rent every month.

Refinance Mortgage

A refinance mortgage is one of those home mortgage loans that you use to pay off an existing mortgage. This kind of loan allows people to pay smaller monthly payments over a longer period of time. Refinance mortgage loans are usually taken out by people who are having a hard time coping with their current mortgage payments. The refinancing they get essentially gives them more time to pay off the money they owe on their homes. Although you are making smaller payments over a longer period of time with a refinance mortgage, you will end up paying more money in the end, because of the monthly interest that you are required to pay. This is necessary because the loan takes longer for the company to recoup.

Home Equity

This is one of the home mortgage loans you can get from lenders and banks. However, this kind of loan often has less to do with home payment. A home equity loan is one of those home mortgage loans that you take out when you want to get something that you need a huge amount of cash for, like a new car or even a college education. This loan takes your house's equity or present value as the amount of loan that you can avail of. The repayment scheme for this type of loan is dependent on the terms offered by the lenders.