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´╗┐What are Interest Only Mortgage Loans?


What exactly are interest only mortgage loans and when can people avail of these kinds of loans? In a nutshell, interest only mortgage loans are home loans that give borrowers the chance to pay only the interest of the loan during a given period of time. This type of loan is suitable for those who are anticipating a rise in income in the future. It is also useful for people who want to save up a certain amount of cash while paying for a house at the same time. Interest only mortgage loans give borrowers the chance to either pay only the interest during the agreed upon period of time or pay off part of the principal along with it. Those who take out this kind of loan have the option to save up the money that is meant for the payment of the principal of the loan.

When a person takes out an interest only mortgage loan, he is often told the terms that are available to him and how much he is expected to pay once the grace period for the principal payment is up. This can be a double edged sword if the person is not ready for the sudden rise in payments when the interest only period is up. While you can take advantage of the fact that you can save up money during the interest only period, you should also be preparing for the impending rise in monthly payments when this period is up. This is why interest only mortgage loans are not an ideal home loan for all people. People who opt for this kind of a home loan should be responsible enough to know the consequences of such a loan. While it may be a good loan to use to save up a huge amount of money while paying for a house, it is also a possible trap for those who are not sure of their future finances.

Interest only mortgage loans are good for people who have a keen eye on investments and who know that they can make ample returns on the money they are pouring into investments. This kind of a mortgage scheme is ideal for those who invest in certain businesses or stocks and who can foresee an ample amount of money coming in the future. People who are planning to make a big purchase at the beginning of their mortgage period will also find this kind of mortgage loan beneficial. Purchases like furniture, vehicles, and all that can be made along with the purchase of a house when you use interest only mortgage loans.