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Understanding Florida Mortgage Rates

If you are in the market to buy a new home or refinance the home you live in now, Florida mortgage rates are quite impressive; the interest rates for a 30 year fixed mortgage is currently 5.47 percent, and a 15 year fixed mortgage is 4.88 percent interest. The interest rates may change from one day or one week to another, but right now the Florida mortgage rates are favorable for anyone interested in taking out a mortgage loan.

Before you apply for a mortgage loan, you should decide what your goals are. Do you want a lower monthly payment, or do you want to save money over the term of the loan? In general, Florida mortgage rates are lower for shorter termed loans. For instance a 15 year loan will cost you about half of your principal in interest, while a 30 year loan will most likely exceed your principal amount borrowed. You will get a lower payment with a 30 year loan, but you will pay back much more during the term of the loan. For some borrowers it makes more sense to pay the higher monthly payment to pay less interest over all.

If you are already paying a mortgage on your existing home, but you want to take out a home equity loan, you may have to pay an adjustable mortgage rate (ARM) rather than a fixed rate. A home equity loan is essentially a second mortgage based on the equity of your home. ARM Florida mortgage rates often start out low, but over time they may fluctuate up and down resulting in your monthly payments being adjusted once a year or whatever the mortgage terms state.

To find the lowest Florida mortgage rates that lenders have to offer will take a little time on the Internet. From the comfort of your home you can shop around and compare the rates that are displayed on their websites. The Florida mortgage rates advertised on the lenders’ websites are just guides to an approximate percentage. Depending on factors such as your credit rating and the kind of loan you apply for will affect the interest rate you qualify for. If your credit is good then you will be offered a lower interest rate, but if your credit rating is not so good your interest rate will be increased. People with bad credit may be only be able to borrow with a subprime interest rate, which is higher in relation to the level of risk you present.

Because the Florida mortgage rates are so low, it is in your best interest to check your credit record before applying for a loan. If you have issues with your credit rating, it is best to clean up your record before applying for a mortgage loan. You want to go into the lending company showing you are in good standing with the credit bureaus.