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On Becoming a Realtor


Becoming a realtor requires hard work, good negotiation skills and a high level of discipline. The ultimate goal of a realtor is to close a sale between buyer and seller. And though this may be the main goal of the job, the realtor is also concerned with complex paper works regarding land and business transactions. While most of the work is commission based, there are some realtors that work with brokerage companies who receive basic wages.

Becoming a realtor is not as easy as you may think since there are different stages to becoming one. Although most states require only a high school education to be eligible to become a realtor, the hopeful candidate is also required to take some courses on the laws of trading for real estate dealings. Apart from that, the aspiring realtor has to take a written examination to assess his knowledge on these laws and only when he passes the test can he practice as a realtor.

And even in practice, there are different stages to go through since one cannot go into business without learning the basics of actual dealings. One has to work and gain experience with brokerage companies or through an experience realtor before engaging in his own practice.

There are certain advantages of becoming a realtor aside from the huge commissions that you get when you close a sale. Some of these advantages include having your own hours to work. As a realtor, you are the one setting the appointments with buyers and sellers and you can do so as your free time permits. This allows you to control the number of meetings you set in a day. An advantage of this would be more time for the family, which you can also do while traveling out of town to view properties for sale. Another good thing about becoming a realtor is being able to help people find the properties that they want.

While there are advantages to becoming a realtor, there are disadvantages too. Apart from the stringent measures to be undertaken in becoming one, realtors also wake up to a lot of worries. Since most of the realtors are paid on commission, they worry a lot on closing a deal the soonest time possible. It is also a concern for them to earn the trustworthiness of the people they are dealing with. Becoming a realtor entails a lot of patience and dedication.

In the end, becoming a realtor boils down to one’s commitment and desire to succeed in the real estate industry. And since the industry is a cutthroat one, with all the different competitors around, you can truly succeed only through your own efforts and hard work.

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