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Steps on How to Become a Realtor


A sales job is a highly rewarding job for a lot of people and being a realtor is one of these worthwhile jobs. It may seem that a realtor’s job is an easy one but it goes beyond the nature of selling to provide other services related to the task as well. So, the question now is how to become a realtor.

An overview of the realtor’s job will be helpful in understanding the demands of the job. Realtors are the median between buyers and sellers of properties. They act as a bridge between these two parties to achieve a sale. They are also involved in a lot of complicated paper works regarding land and building dealings.

Now that the basic duties of a realtor have been presented, we move on to learn how to become a realtor. Becoming a realtor is not an easy step to take. You have to consider certain things and assess them before you decide on becoming a realtor. Following the succeeding steps on how to become a realtor, however, will greatly help in assessing the person’s capabilities of being a realtor.

The first step on how to become a realtor would be ensuring that the person’s abilities of persuasion and communication are excellent since this is a sales job and interacting with people is a main feature. Since people have different demands to be met, one has to be patient and confident when dealing with customers. If an upgrade of skills development is needed, one can sign up for a personality development course for improvement.

The second step would entail collecting details about real estate schools in the area and enrolling in the courses. Some states have accredited real estate schools and it is best to enroll in these schools. Once done with the course, you can now take the written test to evaluate your familiarity with the trading laws of real estate. The basic requirements are that you must be 18 years of age (21 in some states) and a high school graduate. Be aware that the Real Estate Licensing Commission will conduct a background investigation as required by law since real estate involves a lot of money and confidential information.

The third step would be engaging in the business. For starters, you can go online or search the yellow pages to find different real estate agencies that are in need of realtors. If all goes well, you may be part of the brokerage team as soon as hiring is done. Another way to engage in the business would be to work with an individual realtor for at least 3 years to gain experience and learn the tricks of the trade. Lastly, if you are confident enough in your abilities to become a realtor, you can set up an individual practice.

These are the steps on how to become a realtor, now it is time to take the first step of becoming one.