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´╗┐Factors that Shape a Second Mortgage Rate


A second mortgage rate is determined on an individual basis. It is created by the lender based upon a variety of different factors. The lender is going to be strict with the criteria for qualification with a second mortgage loan because they are taking a greater risk then with a first mortgage. It is important that you understand the factors that lenders use to figure your second mortgage rate.

Credit Worthiness

The largest consideration in coming up with your second mortgage rate is your credit worthiness. The lender is looking to make sure that you are reliable. They will want to see that you have few or no delinquent accounts on your record. They will also look closely to what has happened just prior to your application for the loan. If they spot signs of trouble it could raise your rate.

Ability to Pay

Lenders will also want to make sure that you can afford the loan. They will look at your income, current debt and your employment history. The lender will want to see that you have sufficient income to handle your current debts and the new mortgage. Additionally, they will want to ensure that you will continue to have reliable income by checking to see how long you have been employed and the stability of your employment history. If you have limited income, high debt or an unstable employment history then you will end up with a higher rate due to it.

Current APR and Trends

The lender will set your second mortgage rate by figuring in the factors of your credit worthiness and ability to pay, but they also go off the current APR. That is the lowest possible rate and then they add onto it depending on the risk they feel you will be.

Besides the current APR, trends in the industry also will play into your second mortgage rate. The lender will want to be competitive in the market by giving good rates compared to what other lenders in the market are giving. This could actually be to your advantage and help you get a lower rate.

Figuring your second mortgage rate is something you have little control over, but understanding how the lender comes up with the rate can help you when you are negotiating with them. If you feel you are little risk and they give you a rate you think is too high then you know what you can say to get them to lower it. You have a great advantage when you understand how lenders figure your second mortgage rate and you will find it makes for a great tool when you go shopping for your second mortgage.