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A Bad Credit Mortgage – Second Time Around Tips


Having bad credit can really put a strain on you when you are in need of a loan. When it comes to a bad credit mortgage, second mortgages are an option, but you have to understand them to really make sure you should get one. A second mortgage allows you to borrow a large sum of money at one time against the equity in your home.

Why Lenders are Wary

Lenders take on a large risk with a second mortgage. While your home is you collateral for the loan, the second mortgage lender is in line behind the first mortgage lender to actually seize your home. That means if you default they will have to pay off the first loan in order to seize your home. That can be very costly for them and quite a hassle.

It is no surprise then that some lenders are very strict when it comes to approving loans and granting good rates and terms. The lender uses high interest rates to their advantage. They charge higher rates to people who are higher risk so they get more money on their investment up front. Then if the person defaults they are losing less.

Your Risk

As mentioned, you can lose your home with a second mortgage that goes into default. A bad credit mortgage, second or not, is going to cost you. You will pay higher interest, higher fees and likely not get the terms that you want.

You have to be careful when getting into a bad credit mortgage. Second mortgages should not be a way to help you “get by” temporarily. You should only use them to fix your problems and get you back on track. They can be beneficial if you use them right.

Shop Smart, Use Smart

A bad credit mortgage, second mortgage loan you have to be smart. You have to shop around for the best loan. You need one that has terms, costs and rates that suit you and your budget. You should never go into the loan if you feel unsure if you can afford it.

You also have to use the money in a smart way. Use it to consolidate bills or fix up your home. Do not use it as free money because it is anything but free money.

It can be challenging to get a loan for a bad credit mortgage. Second mortgages are a risk for you and the lender. You just have to be smart about it and you will find that a second mortgage can be a beneficial thing that can really help you out.

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